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For over 55 years our certified Arborists have been providing you, the customer, with the highest quality of service. We do not employ commission based "Sales People" to provide you with an estimate to “sell” a service.  All estimates are provided by an ISA Certified Arborist; they will provide you an estimate for recommendations that they feel are necessary and beneficial to promote health and vigor for your trees and shrubs, so they may thrive not only for today but tomorrow and many years to come for future generations to enjoy! All properties must be inspected to provide accurate recommendations and cost factors accordingly. Therefore costs cannot be provided over the phone

Tree Care Division:

Tree/Shrub Pruning
Tree/Shrub (Hazardous Tree) Removal
Arborist Report

Plant Health Care:

Tree Injections
Emerald Ash Bore
Root Feeding and Aeration

Arborist Services:   

Arborist Reports
Tree Inventory
Arborist Consultation
Tree Preservation & Protective Fencing
Cran Services


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We are a Tree Care company that provides all phases of arboriculture services to maintain, preserve, and enhance your Tree and Shrubs. This is not only essential for the environment but for your property as well by increasing the value. Removals are a part of your services usually when all else fails or when it would be more financially beneficial to remove a tree and use your funds more wisely then replanting a more suitable tree or trees.

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At Van Dykes we like to keep our customers informed when it comes to their trees and threats that may harm them. We also like to get feedback on how we did servicing our Customers

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Call (905) 888-1166 for a free estimate from our Certified Arborist or Submit the form below, to have our Certified Arborist come by for Free Estimate.  We can not and will not price jobs over the phone each job is inspected by our Certified Arborists to determine the work to be done.

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